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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


If you are in Paris this April...make a turn at the Agnes B Galerie Du Jour!

AGNES B Exposition Futur Antérieur

"The intense fascination for the future revealed by certain past works is reciprocated by the equally intense appeal that these past works have for contemporary artists, notably through the historical form of modernism. From the way in which we previously imagined the future, and the retrospective gaze that the present era levels at the past – particularly at its vision of modernity and its often naive or fantastical anticipation of the future – come the questions behind the exhibition FUTURE PERFECT.

Structured around the themes of retrofuturism, steampunk and archeomodernism – a concept developed by the academic, critic and curator Arnauld Pierre - the exhibition FUTURE PERFECT aims to create a dialogue between past cultural output that imagined the future – what is
essentially our postmodern era – with work from contemporary artists, which in both form and substance refer to the past by revisiting and reviving certain visions of the future or of modernity, generated mainly between the last third of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century. The exhibition takes a transversal approach, intersecting different aesthetic and temporal veins. A selection of work from contemporary artists will be grouped with older work and documents – each giving perspective to the others. In addition, one section will be edicated to cinema and another to the various accessories, devices and artefacts developed by the steampunk community. In a separate section, the exhibition will also include the first French retrospective of the American magazine Retrofuturism, in the form of an installation designed by its originator, the artist and editor Lloyd Dunn"


March 24 to May 26 2012 - 44 rue Quincampoix, Paris 4

Part of the exhibition will take place from April 4 to May 4 2012
at 15/17 rue Dieu Paris 10

AGNES B Exposition Futur Antérieur

AGNES B Exposition Futur Antérieur

Galerie du jour futuranterieur/

galerie du jour - Futur antérieur

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