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Monday, June 06, 2011


LEON BOTHA, (1985 - 2011) South African painter and musical performer as well as one of the world's oldest survivors of progeria. May we all learn from this inspirational & wise person... REST IN PEACE HOMIE!

"L.E.O.N is a learning element of nature. From the moment of birth, I've been learning lessons through burning testings, of the Head, Heart & Guts. Body, Soul & Spirit. Salt, Sulphur & Mercury, in the stages of alchemy. I have been sent on a long path to take a short journey & share glimpses of my experiences & visions as a artist/channel. Though mostly known for painting, I am a student of many & a master of none, striving to utilize the ways that convey my expressions most successfully. "Gza/The Genius" released a album in 1995 entitled "Liquid Swords". The concept was, rappers as lyrical swordsmen, as the tongue being symbolic to the sword & also that wisdom comes in many different streams & flows, like water. (The concept had no visual interpretation.) I applied that to me & my art, also in a visual symbolic form that I now show in my work from time to time: The sword is the self, cutting through matter, time & experience to penetrate to insight, knowledge, wisdom & overstanding. Art is like liquid, it comes in infinite forms & flows. As artist I strive to be like water, ever changing & always flowing: If I can't be defined then I cannot be confined. The pen IS the sword!"


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