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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Check out the interview I recently did on

'We're all about exposing sneaker culture on a global scale, so when we got a prescription from South Africa's DR. ZVLV, we knew we needed to be innoculated! After doing his rounds on tour with Peter Fahey's Sneaker Pimps, graff artist/designer Dr ZVLV opened the country's first ever sneaker spot, Shelflife. A concoction of streetwear, sneakers and graff product, the store has become a centre of education for the flourishing South African scene. And thanks to a recent jackpot won from a local warehouse, Shelflife is now the proud owner of an incredible inventory of vintage sneakers. We caught up with Dr Z. for a quick chat and to get the lowdown on his score of scores!'

>click here for link< DR-ZULU-SNEAKER-FREAKER