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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Shelflife Store was asked to create an artist installation for the new Nike Sportswear campaign which would creatively represents the "Air Force One" sneaker as one of the style icons within the Sportswear Division. In addition, to communicate the values and culture of the Shelflife Store as "AF1" focused retail outlet.

We (Dr.Zulu and Nick Herbert) conceptualized a mind bending display in which to showcase the artwork. The theme of "rubber-bands" carried through the display onto a customized AF1, a sculpture, a graffiti piece, ltd. edition T-shirts, and a billboard sized painting on the Shelflife building. The main inspiration being the Air Force One itself as an iconic symbol of sport, design and urban culture in general. Secondly the centerpiece of the Nike Sportswear footwear, an AF1 Supreme Max with inspired by the "Birds Nest" Olympic Stadium in Beijing. In addition themes such as basketball, graffiti art and consumerism are intertwined withing the same installation to reflect the bigger picture that is our culture.

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