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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Describe the Nike brief your were presented?

Shelflife Store was asked to create or facilitate an artist installation for the new Nike Sportswear campaign which would creatively represent the "Air Force One" sneaker as one of the style icons within the Sportswear Division. In addition, to communicate the values and culture of the Shelflife Store as "AF1" focused retail outlet.

What was your inspiration for your creative interpretation?

The main inspiration is the Air Force One itself as an iconic symbol of sport, design and urban culture in general. Secondly the centerpiece of the Nike Sportswear footwear, an AF1 Supreme Max with inspired by the "Birds Nest" Olympic Stadium in
Beijing. It is the shoe that the designers have dubbed "The Black Widow."

What have been your biggest challenges?

Aside from the actual production side of physically building all the various pieces of the installation, visualizing the the concept was a challenge as we didn't want the concept to have any obvious or direct reference points but to rather accentuate or highlight the inspiration in an artistic, original way. With the main feature of the concept being actual "rubber bands" that collectively echo various themes and
common factors between Nike Sportswear, Shelflife, and us as artists. Themes such as basketball and graffiti art, and consumerism are intertwined withing the same installation to reflect the bigger picture that is our culture.

What have you enjoyed most about working on this project?

The most fulfilling part aside from actualizing the initial vision is always to see how various people react to the artwork or which questions might arise because of it. It is very rewarding to when people begin to understand or aspire to be a part of whatever it is that artwork is trying to communicate.

What do you want people to see and take away from your work on this project?

We would like the artwork to correctly highlight the rich heritage and the future potential of the iconic Air Force One. It is our hope that people will begin to understand how a sneaker can be such an integral part of urban culture and how Shelflife Store (and us as artists) are equally apart of the same cultural fabric.

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