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Wednesday, November 14, 2007


John Maeda, renowned mathematician, graphic designer and professor at MIT's Media Lab teamed up with Reebok to release a line of original footwear, launching Tuesday, Nov. 13. The collaboration, Reebok's Timetanium shoes, feature original graphics by Maeda.

Although he's designed "skateboards, tables, chairs and clothing, but never a sneaker," this project, like all the rest, was designed completely by Maeda from scratch. Instead of relying on pre-packaged design software, Maeda came up with original mathematic algorithms and codes that resulted in the multi-colored Spirograph-like exterior. And that's not all – the interior of the shoe is printed with Maeda's hand-written calculations that were used in its creation. "I spend all my time sketching out computer codes and algorithms on paper, so those are the same codes I hand-wrote to design the shoe," says Maeda.

Reebok plans to only release a limited amount of the shoe candy, a mere 100 pairs (and be prepared to drop some serious coin for the shoe – one pair will run you $150) and only through the Rbk Custom site. However, if you miss your chance to score a set, Maeda hinted that a new design would follow soon after.

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