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Monday, September 17, 2007


First was the all-over CHEMICAL print... now the knife resistant RAZORWIRE HOODY and T-SHIRT is the second design collaboration I have done with BLADERUNNER UK manufacturers of KEVLAR® lined apparel and protective gear. PRE-ORDERS from SHELFLIFE STORE or email

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


This is the second JB CLASSICS/ SNEAKER PIMPS collab release where my graphics have been incorporated...featuring Snake Skin embossed leather and toe vamp & quarter with perforated nubuck leathers. The collar and tongue panel wrapped in Micro NuBuck, pebbled textured in black kicked off with the Black Sneaker Pimps® lace lock & oval black laces as the 1st lace option and 2nd lace option Red oval laces. The side quarter & tongue panels are embossed & printed with the SP x DR.ZULU Chain-Link Fence graphics in white with the inner lining sublimation print of speckled colors on black base color. The black outsole sidewalls with its speckled colors white rubber bottoms. The inner footbed’s print with the Australian map, which marks the day 1 location of the beginning if the Sneaker Pimps world tour.

Friday, September 07, 2007


The next generation protective fabric technology is not far off! Visions of wear-resistant shoes and clothes, ropes, nets, seatbelts, and parachutes; and rustfree panels and bumpers for automobiles make for a research scientists wet dreams! So do improved sutures and bandages, artificial tendons and ligaments, and supports for weakened blood vessels. Soldiers and police are holding out for lightweight bulletproof vests made of spider silk!

BioSteel® is Nexia's recombinant dragline spider silk program and is based on using Nexia's transgenic goat technology. Spider silk has long been admired by material scientists for its unique combination of high-performance properties including toughness, strength, lightness and flexibility. Nexia has exclusive worldwide rights to broad patents covering spider silk genes and proteins and is in the process of developing a commercial spinning process for BioSteel®.

In order to construct ®, Nexia claims that they take a spiders dragline gene and genetically alter it and inject it into a goat embryo. From there, Nexia allows the goat to be born and fully develop. Next comes the milking process, since the dragline protein can only be found in Goat milk they can only extract the dragline gene from female goats. Nexia takes the goat milk and separates the milk from the silk concentrate.

β-spiral models for relaxed and extended protein conformations in spider capture silk

spiderweb & representation of sythetic spider silk fibers
microscopic image of a spider's silk spigots